Our knowledgeable attorneys have the skill and experience to approach a wide variety of family law cases with confidence.


Proceed with your divorce with the confidence of knowing you have experienced and empathetic representation advocating for you.

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Child Support

Allow us to help you secure the financial support your family needs as your child support lawyer team.

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Face paternity cases with confidence knowing you have experienced representation that will stand by your side.

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Juvenile Law

Ensure the best interests of the children in your life by trusting in Hinderaker Family Law for your juvenile law matters.

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Make sure your interests are represented. Let Hinderaker Family Law assist you in bringing about a legal modification to your legal matters.

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Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time

As part of any divorce involving children, the parents (or the court) need to develop a parenting plan setting forth how the parents will make important decisions regarding the children and how the parents will share time with the children.

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